MS1 Version 5 - DOWNLOAD

Version 5.2c - January 29, 2007

New features and improvements

Several bugs have been fixed and several small improvements have been made at many places in the program.

However, the main difference with version 5.1 is that a new code generator has been developped for the Modelica language targetting specifically the OpenModelica software, which can be downloaded from the OpenModelica Project web site.

Acknowledgement: this development has been made with the support of L.A.I. at INSA DE LYON.

Demo version of MS1 for Windows

The demo version 5.2c of MS1® is delivered with a demo version 4.55 of Esacap™.

MS1 and Esacap are fully operational. The only limitation is on the model size i.e. number of model variables.

Both F. Lorenz and StanSim decline any liability for damages arising from the trial use of their respective software.

Viruses, adwares and other malwares

I regularly scan my computers with Kaspersky® Anti-Virus. I also run Ad-Aware to clean my computers from adwares. However, I strongly recommand that you re-scan yourself the MS1 directory to check that everything is clean.

Also note that MS1 does not have any numerical certificate (which your computer will probably point out). Thus never download it from anywhere else than the original site, which domain name is under my control.

Download and installation

Download: MS1 5.2c + ESACAP 4.55 (5.32 Mb)

N.B.: this version of MS1 has been prepared under Windows 2000. If you encounter any installation or execution problem, I can prepare another version under Windows XP.