MS1 is an interactive environment for modeling, simulation and analysis of non-linear dynamic systems. Models can be introduced as Bond Graph, Block Diagram or Differential Algebraic Equations (DAEs). MS1 performs a symbolic manipulation of the model (using especially a powerful causality analysis engine) and generates for the user the corresponding simulation code. Commercially available solvers such as Esacap™ (included in the package), Matlab® or ACSL® are used for the calculation. Models can alternatively be exported to Simulink®, Maple® or Mathematica®. MS1 also permits topological analyses of the model (looking for causal loops and paths between variables).


ESACAP, from the Danish company StanSim Research, is a simulation program for non-linear dynamic systems. Initially developed for the European Space Agency, it was a result of a strong need for an interdisciplinary simulation tool, integrating facilities that only much later became known as behavioral modelling. ESACAP is able to carry out DC, time-domain and frequency-domain analyses.
ESACAP (evaluation version) is delivered as a complement to MS1.

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